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Photo credit: Paul Joyner

I'm half-Chinese and half-European (British and Hungarian), but oftentimes I refer to myself simply as a "mutt" or a "Jewasian." Yes, I managed to have a childhood in between piano, violin, basketball, figure skating, archery, tennis, swimming, Kumon, large family dinners, etc. etc. etc....

Born to parents of opposite backgrounds, cultures, political views, and religions, I was raised with an understanding and respect for the duality in everything. I used to joke that I was a walking juxtaposition, but now I'm discovering that this dichotomy helped me color the lens through which I view the world and define myself.            

Photo credit: Flora Tsang

Photo credit: Flora Tsang

Fast forward to high school, during which I amassed a few unpaid summer internships at various production companies and fell in love with the inner workings of the entertainment industry. I was becoming quite the little expert at writing coverage, but I always wondered what it was like on the dark side. So, out of curiosity, I sought out a well-known acting studio, fibbed slightly about my age, and before I knew it, was taking classes with professional working actors. I suppose it would have been easier to join the drama club at school, but I was too preoccupied with playing basketball and being a high schooler to have the foresight to do so. In any case, my inner acteur was awakened.

But there was a problem.

I couldn't possibly allow my new hobby to distract me from a real career that was, as it already stood, a moderately suitable excuse for me to break the three-generation streak of doctors in my family. So, I engaged in a full-hearted rack focus back to my production aspirations, suppressed whatever daydreams I had conjured up about acting, and shipped off to university. 

I caught the acting bug in junior high school when I played the role of Talking Daisy #2 (or was it #5?) in a genuinely earnest yet comically inaccurate rendition of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass."  God bless the drama teacher, whose task was to oversee a hoard of indignant 6th graders who missed an inexcusable number of stage cues due to a newly discovered game called "spin the bottle."

As I stood in front of the whole school in my ill-fitted, partly spray-painted, larger than life foam headpiece, I sold my soul to Hollywood, which led to the decision to pursue a career in production so that I could make quality projects in which no unassuming thespian befell the same fate as that young and naive Talking Daisy.  

Photo credit: Paul Joyner

Photo credit: Paul Joyner

To my surprise, I won the pageant and was crowned Miss Los Angeles Chinatown. As the first multi-ethnic queen in the pageant's 47-year history, I was honored to be chosen as an ambassador for the Chinese community.

I soon learned that being queen was more than just donning the sash and crown. Along with the title, I assumed a year of responsibilities that instilled in me an unbreakable sense of pride for my Chinese heritage and that challenged me to become a leader and a woman.  


I attended Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN), whose traditional Southern aestheticism was definitely a culture shock. After a couple of years of country music, sun dresses, tailgates, and sorority sisters (Go Kappa!), it was time to re-plant my roots in LA.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish and a minor in Corporate Strategy.

In LA, I was convinced to run for Miss Los Angeles Chinatown. I never considered myself the pageant type, but I figured why not! It was an opportunity for me to get closer to my Chinese roots and to do something completely out of my comfort zone.

I had the privilege of representing the Chinese community in a wide capacity. Community events, city functions, cultural celebrations, you name it...if it had to do with Chinatown or the Chinese community, I was there!

Emceeing galas for community organizations and charities, hosting morning briefings with dignitaries such as Mayor Eric Garcetti, moderating business roundtables concerning US-China synergy,  delivering addresses to government officials at City Hall, the LA Board of Supervisors, the FBI, the US Secret Service (the list goes on), and touring the southeast of China to meet with prominent businessmen and government officials on behalf of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce were only some of my duties as Miss LA Chinatown.

At the end of my reign, I had the unexpected opportunity to represent Los Angeles in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, hosted by TVB in Hong Kong. Los Angeles had not sent a contestant to this pageant in many years, and competing on an international scale had never crossed my mind. But once again, I figured why not! I packed my bags and headed to Hong Kong.

Before I knew it, I was neck-deep in press conferences, publicity tours, and stage rehearsals with beautiful pageant queens from New Zealand to the Philippines. Participating in an international pageant that broadcasted live to 1.5 million people was an exhilarating experience, particularly because I had zero clue what was going on around me since the entire program was conducted in Cantonese...

Despite being one of the only girls who didn't speak the language fluently, I made it into the final round and won the title of Miss Friendship, voted on by my fellow contestants. For me, being rewarded on an international stage for having a positive impact on others was a humbling experience. It was a win not only for myself but also for the community that I spent the past year proudly representing.

My year as Miss LA Chinatown and my experience with Miss Chinese International contributed to more growth, personal empowerment, and self-discovery than I am capable of expressing. The journey gifted me the insight to understand my heart, the curiosity to discover my true passion, and the courage to take chances to achieve my dreams. Since my return from Hong Kong, I've been pursuing acting full-time.

And that, my friends, brings us to the present. Thanks for reading! 



...Oh yeah, I've also been learning how to snipe.








...and I've been mastering the art of puppy whispering.