Laur Allen


Hair: Brown                                                                                                    Height: 5’4”

    Eyes: Brown                                                                                                   Weight: 110 lbs.


The Young and the Restless    Recurring (71 Episodes)         CBS

Moto Nostra: GR224 Lead Creative Fugitives

…No Rational Explanation Lead Travis Hinson

Mortal Kombat University         Lead                                       Elephant Stunts

Fung Bros Comedy                   Recurring                               YouTube, International

Richie Le Comedy                     Recurring                               Youtube, Vietnam & US

Miss Chinese Int'l                      Miss LA Chinatown               TVB Hong Kong

CNY Special (2012, 2016)         Miss LA Chinatown               Univision: Los Angeles

Stevie TV: Various SketchesSupporting                             VH1      

Ideate TV                                   Recurring Host                      Ideate TV


Season of Love Lead Tello Films

Aimee (feature) Supporting Lead Shattered Image Films

Lumpia: With a Vengeance Supporting Kid Heroes Productions

Faith Need Not Change Her Gown Lead USC Thesis: Anne Lann (Cannes Short)

Aimee (short)                             Supporting                          Shattered Image Films

Charlie                                       Lead                                     Zoen Productions                                    

A Family's Fury                         Supporting Lead                 Lift as You Climb Productions

Moving on to Portland             Lead                                      Wes Shirley

Emily and Tyler                         Lead                                     Michael Munro

Screenland                               Supporting                           Tosh Sivertsen

Black Tiger*                              Supporting Lead                  Beyond Time Films

Eidolons                                    Lead                                      Stare Films, LLC

Dark Company                         Lead                                      Ostrich Colony Films

Black Rabbit                             Lead                                       Defiant Artistry

Moto Nostra: GR-224              Lead                                       Creative Fugitives

Saving Little Italy                     Supporting                             Rich Rossi Films

15-Love                                     Supporting                             Madador Production 



Improv, Acting, and Scene Study                            Lauren Patrice Nadler Studio

Private Coaching                                                      Michael Silver

Acting and Scene Study                                          Stuart Rogers Studio

SPECIAL SKILLS                                                        

WEAPONS: Sniper and Counter-Sniper Defense Training, Handgun and Tactical Shooting,

SPORTS: Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Swimming, Figure Skating, Jetskiing, Wakeboarding, Biking, Stage Combat, Kickboxing

MUSIC: Piano, Alto Singer


Fluent in Spanish, Some Mandarin and Cantonese

Picks up accents in Asian Dialects, British, and Southern


Animation, commercial, announcer, host


*Spirit of Comic Con Award, Atlantic Comic Con