Laur Allen


Hair: Brown                                                                                                    Height: 5’4”

    Eyes: Brown                                                                                                   Weight: 110 lbs.


Aimee                                        Supporting                          Shattered Image Films

Charlie                                       Lead                                     Zoen Productions                                    

A Family's Fury                         Supporting Lead                 Lift as You Climb Productions

Moving on to Portland             Lead                                      Wes Shirley

Emily and Tyler                         Lead                                     Michael Munro

Screenland                               Supporting                           Tosh Sivertsen

Black Tiger*                              Supporting Lead                  Beyond Time Films

Eidolons                                    Lead                                      Stare Films, LLC

Dark Company                         Lead                                      Ostrich Colony Films

Black Rabbit                             Lead                                       Defiant Artistry

Moto Nostra: GR-224              Lead                                       Creative Fugitives

Saving Little Italy                     Supporting                             Rich Rossi Films

15-Love                                     Supporting                             Madador Production 



The Young and the Restless    Recurring                               CBS

Mortal Kombat University         Lead                                       Elephant Stunts

Fung Bros Comedy                   Recurring                               YouTube, International

Richie Le Comedy                     Recurring                               Youtube, Vietnam & US

Miss Chinese Int'l                      Miss LA Chinatown               TVB Hong Kong

CNY Special (2012, 2016)         Miss LA Chinatown               Univision: Los Angeles

Pretty Girl Parking                     Supporting                             Dark Sunny Ent.

Stevie TV: Various SketchesSupporting                             VH1      

Ideate TV                                   Recurring Host                      Ideate TV



Improv, Acting, and Scene Study                            Lauren Patrice Nadler Studio

Private Coaching                                                      Michael Silver

Acting and Scene Study                                          Stuart Rogers Studio

Acting and Scene Study                                          Carter Thor Studio

Acting and Scene Study                                          Ivana Chubbuck Studio

Acting and Scene Study                                          Brian Reise Studio

Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa                Vanderbilt University


SPECIAL SKILLS                                                        

WEAPONS: Sniper and Counter-Sniper Defense Training, Handgun and Tactical Shooting,

SPORTS: Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Swimming, Figure Skating, Jetskiing, Wakeboarding, Biking, Stage Combat, Kickboxing

MUSIC: Piano, Alto Singer



Fluent in Spanish, Some Mandarin and Cantonese

Picks up accents in Asian Dialects, British, and Southern



Animation, commercial, announcer, host


*Spirit of Comic Con Award, Atlantic Comic Con